2019 Berlin OCA Days Spring Sprint

Odoo Hackathon, 10th to 12th April, 2019

elego is co-sponsoring the 2019 Berlin OCA Days Spring Sprint from April 10th to 12th, 2019, to which we cordially invite all Odoo enthusiasts!  

The goal of the three-day event is the improvement and development of features for the Odoo Community Version. In addition, there will be the opportunity for exchange and informal discussions.

The event is suitable for participants on site as well as for remote participants, and will be divided into two independent tracks:  a „backend“ track focussed on coding, code-review and translation, and an end-user track with discussions and training.

In the code track participants work together to improve Odoo and OCA modules by testing, troubleshooting, translating or proposing new features. This track lasts the entire three days and offers the opportunity to advance your own or a joint project.

In discussion rounds, participants can openly discuss topics of their choice with interested parties. The training units offer workshops dealing with special modules or practices as well as opportunities for participation in the OCA.

The event takes place on the old AEG factory site in Wedding - today a lively technology and innovation park in the middle of Berlin.

Other sponsors include the initOS GmbH and the Humanitarian Logistics Organisation e.V.

Odoo • Text und Bild