Atlassian User Group Meeting

Atlassian User's Group Berlin-Brandenburg, 22nd November 2011

The second meeting of the Berlin-Brandenburg Atlassian User's Group took place on 22.11, hosted for the first time by elego at their offices in Berlin. Interested members of the Atlassian community gathered there to learn about the newest developments at Atlassian and to exchange their  experiences and ideas regarding Atlassian products and software configuration management in general.

Atlassians man in Germany, Sven Peters, introduced Atlassian's new hosted service for Atlassian products: „Atlassian on Demand“, as well as the Australian firm's newest product „Bonfire“, a software testing tool featuring tight integration with JIRA. Also in the spotlight: the newest version of Confluence, boasting new dynamic WYSIWYG wiki markup features and enhanced functionality for power users.

  • Project calculation 
  • Classical Project Management – What resources are available to support project planning and management?
  • Project Communication and Document Management – How do I communicate efficiently in a team context, contribute collaboratively to documents while preserving information integrity and searchability.

Lively discussions to the chosen themes unfolded quickly, yielding an abundance of ideas, suggestions and proposals. It's safe to say that at the close of the meeting, participants had collected ample food for thought to take home.

elego would naturally be pleased to be able to host the next AUG BB meeting-