Best of ALMconf 2010

Application Lifecycle Management Conference Stuttgart, 26th to 28th October

From 26 October until 28 October the first ALMconf took place in Stuttgart, a conference addressing all kinds of issues concerning Application Lifecycle Management.

The conference was well attended, but not crowded, and above all one thing became evident: the ALM world is divided.

On one hand Microsoft and its partners represented themselves and made excessive use of the presentation slots to introduce MS TFS. On the other hand the established producers like MKS and Serena rather held their horses and last but not least the representatives of open approaches - among others CollabNet and its partners belong to this group - highlighted the possibilities of efficient enterprise ALM support beyond self-contained commercial approaches.

We as elego appraise the first ALMconf as a kick-off event for a broad discussion dealing with ALM issues. Measured by the balance of the topics and the number of participants the conference seems to be capable of development.

At our conference booth many interesting conversations regarding the topic Open Source Tools based ALM arose. We also received a good deal of feedback to the keynote "The Open Approach: Practical Open Source based ALM", which went in for the question what to do if a closed tool suite is not deployable or not desired.

Altogether the elego team had a lot of fun - fun exchanging experiences with interested parties and partners and fun introducing solutions and ideas regarding sustainable open ALM solutions.

For further information about the model based Open Source approach to support ambitious ALM use cases which was discussed on the conference please follow these links:

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