Best of Apache Subversion

Subversion Hackathon Berlin, 10th to 14th October 2016

elego Software Solutions GmbH invited developers of the Apache Subversion project to work together in our office space. The Hackathon was taking place in Berlin from 10th to 14th of October.

7 SVN committers and several guests (including our colleagues who work on Git) were present. Discussion and development went on all day, and the group also shared dinner each night enjoying the huge variety of Berlin's cuisine.

Topics of the hackathon included new features such as the new conflict resolver, performance improvements and wildcards for authorization rules, parallel PUT pipelining, FSFSv7 performance, bug fixes for the 1.9.x release series, and the implementation of an SVN filesystem on top of a git repository. The svn client's behaviour when checking out a working copy into an existing directory was a lively topic of debate with our colleagues working on Git.

A summary of the discussion about remaining to-do items for the new conflict resolver can be found at:

This discussion occurred on the first day of the hackathon and led to much activity in the conflict resolver code during the remaining days. Among many bug fixes and better test coverage, the conflict resolver gained support for merging additions of directories between branches, and the detection of moves of files and directories moved within, or out of, parent directories which were also moved.

The Subversion community world like to thank elego and  VisualSVN for making this event possible by covering travel, accommodation, sustenance and drinks. Subversion developer and hackathon attendee Stefan Sperling provided free T-shirts to all attendees.

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