Best of SubConf 2010

Subversion Conference Munich, 2010

This year's subversion conference in Munich / Oberhaching was small but rich. Small due to the close focus on Subversion – most participants had come with concerns and questions on Subversion itself. Rich because discussions were set on a very high standard. Some topics were discussed controversially, especially the pros and cons regarding the use of GIT and Subversion in enterprise environments.

The committer talk by Hyrum Wright (Wandisco), Steve Butler (elego) and Stefan Sperling (elego) enabled direct communication between users and developers, which is what most users really yearn for. Discussions took place in a very relaxed atmosphere in the restaurant “Schinkenpeter“ with wheat beer and „Haxen“ (Bavarian pork dish). The themes were various aspects of branching and merging regarding the individual needs of firms, voluntary work for the Subversion project and its acknowledgement by the developers' community, tool support to compensate actual shortcomings of Subversion concerning branching and merging, and more on daily SVN practice.

The feedback on the talks given at the conference was very good due to their proximity to practical use and the interesting information about the Subversion project itself. Talks by elego staff members can be downloaded via the links below.

In conclusion, the conference was small but successful, alive with motivation and expert knowledge. We hope that the SubConf will be continued in this form or alike in 2011.

In our download areayou'll find the presentations held at the conference and more interesting presentations, papers, and movies about software configuration management with Open Source tools.

The following fact sheet briefly informs about the model based Open Source approach to support high level use cases based on Subversion, which was also discussed on the conference.