Best of Subversion Hackathon 2014

Apache Subversion Hackathon Berlin, 16th to 20th June 2014

Several Apache Subversion developers met at elego software solutions GmbH's offices in Berlin from June 16th to June 20th.

Representatives from several companies involved in the Subversion ecosystem were present, including CollabNet, WANdisco, VisualSVN, elego, and CoDeSys.

The overall focus of the gathering were discussions about move tracking, the new FSFS7 repository format, and the upcoming Subversion 1.9 release, alongside the usual development and bug fixing activities.

The Subversion 1.9 release development cycle is coming to a close. This release will offer an updated FSFS repository format, improved performance, increased scalability across multiple cores of the svnserve server, many client-side enhancements, and numerous bug fixes. A detailed list of changes is available at

Development of major new features, such as server-side move tracking, is planned to continue with the development of Subversion 1.10 and beyond.

elego would like to thank everyone who participated in this event and made it highly successful. We are looking forward to repeating the Subversion Hackathon next year and thank the sponsors ASERVO Software, CollabNet and VisualSVN.

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