Best of SVN Day 2011

Subversion Day Berlin, 2011

The SVN Day in Berlin was as popular as ever. Participants from across Europe joined heads to share experiences with using and administering Apache Subversion, and gave very positive feedback at the end of the day. It was a particular highlight to meet the Subversion committers who came from all parts of the world to the Subversion Hackathon, which was staged alongside the SVN Day "mini" conference.

The keynote by Greg Stein (Apache Software Foundation and SVN-Committer of the very first hour) showed Subversion's remarkable emergence and conveyed deep insights into the Subversion project.

There were exciting presentations by S. Schapiro (ImmobilienScout24) and U. Stuehler (independent CM Consultant), which both showed how Subversion can reliably drive and administer entire server farms in test and production. J. Seidel (Vector Informatik) described automatic provision and updating of large SVN installations on Windows. He dropped a few hints, like using Portables instead of installing certain applications to minimize time and effort needed for upgrades and disaster recovery. Likewise, M. Acevedo (Mettler-Toledo) inspired interest --as well as vigorous nodding in the audience -- when he discussed aspects of introducing open source software in a corporate production environment. Exciting new developments were presented by TMate Software and CollabNet, that might stir the open source CM world: SubGit and best practices for SVN enterprise administration.

Hyrum Wright (Subversion Release Manager) gave another exciting talk, discussing the motivation and drive behind the work on an open source product like Subversion. Independently of who their employers may be, such a project generally keeps its core developers for extensive periods of time. Open source developers, after all, contribute out of passion, and thus provide continuity and quality.

The undisputable highlight of the event was the committer roundtable, or, make that long table (see the picture). Discussed topics were, obviously, the upcoming Apache Subversion 1.7 release after a rather long development period since release 1.6 in March 2009. The good news is: after the extensive rewrite of Subversion's working copy library has completed, we can expect alpha releases in June,  to be followed by the creation of a release branch, once the remaining release blockers have been resolved.

The Subversion Hackathon certainly played a role in the final sprint towards Subversion 1.7. Still open problems were classified, roadblocks were discussed and/or moved to the SVN 1.8 milestone. The personal, live interaction between committers present in Berlin, as always, extended to discussions on the Subversion dev mailinglist, for the benefit of other committers and the world at large -- see

Find pictures and an interesting way to drive consensus in the Subversion project, on Facebook:

The day before the talks were held, Subversion Workshops provided a chance for up-close hands-on experience around hook scripting, combining Git and Subversion via git-svn and replacing complex CM tools with Subversion and extensions.

The workshop day was rounded off with a succulent barbecue on the courtyard, enjoying beautiful summer weather.

We are looking forward to seeing committers and participants again next year, and we would like to thank the sponsors of this year's event: ASERVO Software, CollabNet, TMate Software and VisualSVN.

Please find below the talks of the Subversion committers:

Apache Subversion: 11 Years of Solidity (Keynote by Greg Stein)

Subversion Stew: A Discussion of Subversion's Past, Present, and Future (Hyrum Wright)

Subversion Error Messages Demystified (Stefan Sperling)

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