Best of SVN Day 2012

Subversion Day Berlin, 2012

All participants of the SVN Day 2012 came to the same conclusion: the journey to Berlin was worth it and they will come back next year.

C. Michael Pilato, core commiter and co-author of the Subversion Book, started off the day with his keynote "Apache Subversion Community Update", with great insights into the development of one of the most successful Open Source projects of the last few years. With a wink, his presentation showed that not only the project has matured since it started off, but also its developers. Also, he stated that the now just as popular Open Source DVCS tools, like Git and Mercurial, are not seen as rivals or competition, but that their development is welcome and an incentive to the further improvement of Subversion.

SVN committers Hyrum Wright, Stefan Sperling and Julian Foad spoke about the current developments for the SVN version 1.8. Hyrum presented the design for the new Delta Editor (Ev2), a basis for even better performance, the fixing of bugs long overdue, and for support of true renames and moves. Stefan Sperling provided some more detail on the upcoming true renames and moves and their benefits for working with Subversion. Julian caused some eye-opening moments by explaining the background of Subversion's sync- and reintegrate-merges in detail, as well as answering questions and making suggestions for improvement.

The user presentations also revealed interesting findings and experience in the context of Subversion. Marcel Wolf and Arne Hilmann of ImmobilienScout24 presented YaDT, their approach of continuous delivery with SVN, a minimalistic and therefore robust setup for continuous deployment in a very demanding server landscape. Markus Schaber of 3S-Smart-Software presented their seamless integration of Subversion in the CoDeSys IDE using SharpSvn. Last but not least, Nico Kadel-Garcia of JOA Trades, with technical entertainment at the highest level, explained his approach to safeguarding of DNS network configurations with the help of version control.

Alexander Kitaev and Stefan Fuhrmann had some news on Subversion's tool support. Alexander presented the exciting SubGit project from TMate Software, which offers not only server side synchronization of Git and Subversion, but also a seamless migration between both of these VCSs. Stefan talked about new features of the successful TortoiseSVN client, such as the new integrated SVN history power search and the now available representation of SVN externals, and he also described the relatively new EasySVN client.

On the day before the presentations, workshops offered first-hand experience and insight into the use of SubGit and proper backup and recovery strategies for Subversion repositories. The workshop day marked half-time of the Subversion Hackathon and was rounded off with a hearty barbecue in the yard, in a mild summer breeze.

At the roundtable, ending the SVNDay 2012, the committers answered many interesting questions.

We are looking forward to seeing the commiters and participants again next year and thank the sponsors ASERVO Software, CollabNet, TMate Software and VisualSVN.

Please find below the talks of the Subversion committers:

Apache Subversion Community Update (Keynote von C. Michael Pilato)

Editor, Version 2: In a Nutshell (Hyrum Wright)

Moves and Renames in Apache Subversion 1.8 (Stefan Sperling)

To-and-Fro Merging (Julian Foad)

What’s Hot on the Client Side? (Stefan Fuhrmann)

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