Eclipse Integrated Development Day 2012

elego will participate at the Eclipse Integrated Development Day 2012 on the 30th of May. We will present a talk titled „Impact CM - Model-Based Software Change and Configuration Management“ .

In Software Change and Configuration Management (SCCM), a recurring problem is combining data from different tools to provide an integrated information system. In this presentation, we introduce ImpactCM, an Open Source, model-based Eclipse application, that provides these integration facilities.

ImpactCM obtains data from the various systems in a tool chain using tool-specific adapters. That data is combined into an SCCM domain model via model transformation. Synchronisation with the data sources, processing and visualisation at the abstract model level are fully automated. The model also allows for synchronized actions across the entire tool chain.

Impact CM is built on the Eclipse platform and the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF). It uses the frameworks GMF, EMOF/ECORE, EMF Compare, Teneo, and Zest.

The presentation includes a short demonstration of ImpactCM integrating the version control system Apache Subversion with the change management tool Trac.

Further information can be found at the website of Eclipse Integrated Development Day 2012.