SubConf & CMConf 2009

Not all went exactly as planned at this year's Subconf/CMConf. Curtailed travel and conference budgets during this difficult economic period led to a more modest level of participation than originally expected. Far from damping discussion, however, the more intimate situation created an ideal atmosphere for intense and technically in-depth discussion.

Michael Diers and Michael Pilato jumped in to present Workshop 3 "Advanced Branching and Merging" when the original presenter cancelled due to illness, providing visitors with the relevant expertise on short notice.

All in all, presenters and visitors alike expressed satisfaction with the conference and the numerous intriguing presentations, especially the contributions on the subjects of ALM and Distributed SCM. After the presentation and during the presentation at the stand, some listeners described the introduction of a model-based CM approach as „revolutionary“.

SVN developers also got their proverbial money's worth. A assembly of SVN contributors from around the world came together for threes days of hacking, exchange, and planning for SVN 1.7. Participants at the SVN-Roundtable and Get-Together had the opportunity to direct their questions to the developers and inform themselves about new and planned developments developments in the Subversion project.

Last but not least, the non-profit organization for certification as International Certified Configuration Manager (iNTCCM) was introduced and attendees were invited to participate (Keynote).

Do not hesitate to visit our download area where you find all of the talks held by elego members at the conference and the fact sheets displayed there.