Enterprise Resource Planning Consulting  

    elego offers consulting and development for an Odoo ERP solution adapted to your needs.  We develop a standard Odoo variant which is customized for German requirements out the box.

    With our services in individual customizations and extensions  we enable smooth operating processes with your ERP solution  including installation, implementation and maintenance. We provide seamless integration into your IT infrastructure with our long-standing experience in change management and setups of complex ERP projects for medium-sized enterprises.

    Enterprise Resource Planning

    Customer Relationship Management



          Our services:

    • Requirements analysis

    • Software development 

      • Customization and extensions of standard functionalities (e. g. add-ons, layout, reporting, UI)

      • Concept and coding of new functionalities

    • Migration

      • From legacy systems and external sources to Odoo

    • Configuration and  Integration in existing IT infrastructure

      • Authentication and authorization (ActiveDirectory, LDAP)

      • Document management systems and production data (e.g. DATEV, e-Mail, BDE-terminals, scanner terminals)

      • Community and internal development

    • Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD)

      • Automated build, test and installation (Jenkins/Hudson, Docker, Docker Compose)

    • Managed Odoo Hosting

      • Customer-specific project setup

      • Customized Odoo services including Odoo Community Edition, OCA repositories, and miscellaneous free repositories

      • Daily backups

    Application Lifecycle Management Consulting

    We improve your software development processes with our services in Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and Software Configuration Management (SFC). Optimize your development cycles for robustness, traceability and flexibility  in any stage based on integrated ALM and SCM solutions and agile methods.

    Application Lifecycle Management 

    Software Configuration Management

    Change Management

    Build, Test and Release Automation


              Our ALM services:  

    • Migration

      • From legacy systems to Subversion, Git, JIRA, TeamForge, Trac or Redmine

      • Server and repository migration 

    • Configuration and Integration in existing IT infrastructure   

      • Authentication and authorization (ActiveDirectory, LDAP)

    • Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD)  

      • Automated build, test and installation ( Jenkins/Hudson)

      • Service Management (Docker, Docker Compose)

    • Version control based on Git and Apache™ Subversion®   

      • Server installation and configuration

      • Strategy for branching and merging

      • Backup and disaster recovery

      • Contingency planning

      • Repository mirroring

    • Communication

      • Interactions and workflows of the development team

    • Independent  evaluation and feasibility  studies  

    Git is licensed GNU General Public License (GPL) v2 and GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) 2.1.
    Apache™ Subversion® is licensed under ASF Apache Public License (APL) v2.

    We offer consulting, development, training and support for Odoo, Git, and Subversion. 

    Benefit from our long-standing experience in Open Source projects and insights in up-to-date development in Open Source ERP, ALM, and SCM.  We would be pleased to make you an individual offer tailored to your needs by request.