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Administration of Apache™ Subversion®

09/25/2019 09:00 to 09/26/2019 17:00

elego Software Solutions GmbH
Berlin, Germany

Administration of Apache™ Subversion®

Administration and operation of Subversion installations (SVN-WS4)


Subversion administrators maintain the central Subversion server, provide backups and data consistency of Subversion repositories, and are frequently on hand with help and advice for users on the client side. The Subversion service needs to be integrated with the technical infrastructure as well as with other tools involved in the development process.


This workshop communicates the basics of Subversion administration on the basis of a typical Subversion server configuration (Linux with the Apache HTTPD web server). The participants get familiar with the repository management tools. Data backup, reorganizing data in existing repositories, and authorization and rights management are trained in exercises.


Hands-on Workshop


2 Days

Target Audience:

Subversion administrators, IT support


Basic Subversion and UNIX knowledge


The modules are largely independent from each other. Individual modules can be addressed according to requirements.


Lab Manual with hands-on exercises

Admin Workshop for Windows (VisualSVN Server) and UNIX/Linux.

  • Introductiom
    • Prerequisites
  • Administration command-line tools
    • Prerequisites
    • The svnadmin command
    • The svnlook command
  • Subversion repository management
    • Subversion repository creation
    • Structure of a Subversion repository
    • Subversion repository dump files
    • Hook scripts
    • Subversion repository hotcopy
    • Repository replication with svnsync
    • Rewriting history
    • Recovering corrupt repositories
  • Apache Subversion server setup
    • Prerequisites
    • Basic Apache/mod_dav_svn configuration
    • Host-based authentication
    • Basic user authentication
    • SSL
    • Path-based authorization
  • Exercises
    • Create a second working copy
    • Lock a file
    • Require file-locking
  • Resolving update conflicts
    • Recover a corrupt repository from backups
    • Repair a checkout problem


990,00 EUR excluding VAT, including training material


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From 09/25/2019 09:00
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