Migration from X to Apache™ Subversion®

10/11/2018 09:00 to 10/11/2018 17:00

elego Software Solutions GmbH
Berlin, Germany

Migration from X to Apache™ Subversion®

All about migrating to Subversion (SVN-WS6)


The number of enterprises using Subversion has significantly increased over recent years. In many larger organizations even established commercial CM systems like ClearCase, Synergy, PVCS/ Dimensions, VSS, etc. make way for systems like Subversion + AddOns for reasons of efficiency, cost, or consolidation.

The workshop highlights the challenges of migrating from X to Subversion. Conceptions of the tools are compared, migration paths for the transfer from X to Subversion are studied, and to some extend gone through. All important issues about the migration are discussed in detail.


  • Becoming acquainted with possibilities of migration. The ability to assess migration possibilities
  • Understanding of the difference between established CM tools and Subversion
  • Acquisition and exchange of knowledge about planning and conducting a migration project




1 Day

Target Audience:

Development managers, configuration managers, project managers




  • Comparing Concepts and architectures of X and Subversion
  • Reflection of project: steps and milestones
  • Possible ways to migrate from X to Subversion
  • What interrelates to migration apart from version control?
  • Enbedding of Subversion into the technical and the development infrastructure
  • Discussion of use cases and practical experience


590,00 EUR excluding VAT, including training material


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From 10/11/2018 09:00
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