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Odoo Members


We provide consulting services for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and Software Configuration Management (SCM):

  • Version control
    • Workflow
    • Strategy for branching and merging
  • Change Management
  • Build Management
  • Release Management
  • Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD)
    • Jenkins/Hudson
    • Automated build, test and installation
    • Docker and Docker Compose
  • Migration
    • ClearCase, Integrity, etc. to Subversion or Git and JIRA, TeamForge, Trac, Redmine
  • Integration
    • Authentication and authorization (ActiveDirectory, LDAP)
    • Operations (backup and disaster recovery, contingency planning)
    • Service Management (Docker, Docker Compose)
  • Planning and roll-out of systems
  • Independent studies and evaluations

We offer flexible support plans which encompass vital components of an ALM stack. This includes Subversion, Git, JIRA, TeamForge, Trac, Redmine, Docker and Hudson/Jenkins. Please ask for an individual offer matching your setup.

elego supports the development of Subversion and Git by encouraging our staff to actively participate in the project communities. We believe that our customers profit from the know-how we have accumulated in this way.

Agile Infrastructure Check

You intend to adopt agile methods and are ready get started with your team?

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CollabNet's solutions help organizations to improve build and deployment processes.

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Atlassian makes popular tools for software development teams.

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All SCM trainings are held by long-time SCM consultants. If desired, we customize the training contents to your organization's needs and come to your facility to train your team.

​CM for Decision Makers CM and Open Source tools at a glance (SCM-WS1)​
​Project Automation on the Basis of CM Improve effectiveness and quality through professional project automation (SCM-WS2)​
​CM and Variant Management Product lines in software development (SCM-WS3)​
​CM and SPICE/CMMI CM within SPICE and Capability Maturity Model Integration (SCM-WS4)​
​Continuous Delivery Agile Infrastructure for Agile Teams (SCM-WS5)​


Support for your complete ALM Toolstack

elego offers support tailored to your individual configurations.

You can choose between support levels Silver and Gold, which primarily differ in the number of packaged incident inquiries, support hours and maximum reaction times. 



Hours 8 x 5

Days Monday - Friday

Times (CET) 9 - 17

Languages English/German

Contacts 2

Incidents per Year 12

Telephone Support No

Acknowledgement Time

Priority #1 - Critical max. 3 h

Priority #2 - Major max. 24 h

Priority #3 - Minor max. 72 h

Priority #4 - Low max. 14 d

Annual Fee Basic Package 7.995 €



Hours 12 x 5

Days Monday - Friday

Times (CET) 8 - 20

Languages English/German

Contacts 5

Incidents per Year 24

Telephone Support Yes

Acknowledgement Time

Priority #1 - Critical max. 2 h

Priority #2 - Major max. 16 h

Priority #3 - Minor max. 48 h

Priority #4 - Low max. 7 d

Annual Fee Basic Package 12.995 €

The prices listed for basic packages refer to a medium sized toll stack including version control. Please find detailed information regarding services and terms in the scope of the individual support options here: elego Custom Toolstack Support Services.


Articles, presentations and German translations

Professional Article "Hudson im Einsatz: Kontinuierliche Integration mit Makefiles im kommerziellen Umfeld" published in OBJEKTspektrum 02/2010 (Author: Olaf Wagner)

If you use agile methods in complex distributed development scenarios continuous integration of all interim results helps to quickly achieve working solutions. This article describes the use of the open source tool „Hudson“ in a sub-project of a large charging and billing system at Nokia Siemens Networks. The problems emerging were mostly due to the size of the project and the complex test scenarios. The existence of many distributed source repositories (ClearCase VOBs) at various sites makes the standard strategies – checkout, build, and test for each change - seem too slow. Nevertheless, Hudson continuous integration with reasonable response times can be implemented.

Please Note: The correcte URL of the XSD-Definition is www.elegosoft.com/misc/JUnitXSchema.xsd.

Download German Article "Hudson im Einsatz: Kontinuierliche Integration mit Makefiles im kommerziellen Umfeld"(external link to OBJEKTspektrum)

German Translation of Professional Article "ABCs of a Branching and Merging Strategy" published at CM Crossroads (Author: Mario Moreira; Translator: Neels Hofmeyr)

Branching is both simple and complex. For many, it is challenging to know where to begin. This article hopes to provide a starting point, by highlighting branching concepts, providing reasons for branching, and suggesting an approach to establish a branching and merging strategy.

The German translation of the original article was published with the friendly permission of Mario Moreira
Download German Translation: "Das ABC des Branching und Merging"

LinuxTag 2013 Talk: "Continuous Integration, Test, and Deployment of an OpenERP-based Project"

Als Code-Basis für die ERP-Implementierung eines Mittelständischen Unternehmens fiel die Wahl auf OpenERP. Das Unternehmen umfasst mehrere unabhängige Firmen, die jedoch zusammen arbeiten. Das resultierende System wird innerhalb der nächsten zwei Jahre eine Vielzahl derzeit verwendeter kommerzieller Produkte ablösen.

As only about 50-60% of the required features are expected to be provided by OpenERP out-of-thebox, the implementation project has been set up using agile software development. Programming teams of three companies are working together using central infrastructure based on Bazaar, Linux, Apache, Redmine, Jenkins, Vagrant and other open source solutions.

Michael Götz-Schneider describes in his talk how Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment was implemented in this projekt setting.

Download Presentation: "Continuous Integration, Test and Deployment of an OpenERP-based Project"

Lifecycle.Conf 2012 Talk: "Graphical Development Line and Task Tracking for Subversion"

Michael Diers and Thomas Obermüller present an open model-based approach for the visualisation of information from version control and change management represented as development line diagrams.

Download Presentation: "Graphical Development Line and Task Tracking for Subversion"

ALMConf 2010 Talk: "Keynote - The Open Approach: Open Source Based ALM in a Practical Way"

Thomas Obermüller shows the possibilities of open source based ALM using Impact CM. He describes the technology of Impact CM which integrates various open source tools into a tool chain by means of a meta model and discusses the solution's advantages.

Download Presentation: "The Open Approach: Open Source Based ALM in a Practical Way"