News in Detail

02. JULY 2018

libgit2 Maintainership

Our own consultant and developer Patrick Steinhardt has recently been appointed as maintainer of the libgit2 project due to his continued work and effort. He is thus  the  third  maintainer  next  to  Carlos Martin-Nieto  from  GitHub and Edward Thompson from Microsoft. In addition to his usual tasks, he is now also in charge of  maintaining releases  and  handling additional organizational topics regarding libgit2.

07. April 2017

Subversion file renaming

With support from elego and VisualSVN the Subversion project has implemented improved support for file and directory renames in Subversion's development branch.

05. January 2017

Berlin Odoo Hackathon planned for September/October 2017

In the tradition of the Italian Odoo Community, which gathers once a year in Sorrento, for a one-week Odoo hackathon ...

24. November 2016

Odoo Meetup at elego

The next Berlin Odoo Meetop will take place on Wednesday, December 7th at 6:30 pm, at office of elego Software Soltions GmbH: