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Subversion is a centralized Version Control System following a standard client/server model.

  • Consulting
    • Migration
    • Integration in existing infrastructure
    • Strategy for branching and merging, workflows
    • Production automation (CI/CD)
    • Operations (backup and disaster recovery, contingency planning)
  • Training
    • Training courses and workshops for users and administrators
  • Support
    • SVN support plans tuned to your needs

We support Subversion development by encouraging our staff to participate in the project's community. We believe that our customers profit from the know-how we have accumulated in this way.

Apache™ Subversion® is licensed under ASF Apache Public License (APL) v2.

Technical Check

Usually Subversion in operation behaves unobtrusively. It just performs. It is largely known for this and customers expect exactly this of their Subversion service.

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Process Check

Subversion is easily and intuitively operated. Development teams performing their day-to-day work usually do it without  complaints and everything seems to be all right.

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SVN Fire Drill

You operate a Subversion server installation and have never had problems with stability, reliability or data integrity? Not at all unusual - Subversion is known for its solid performance in production environments. It just works.

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Git vs. SVN

You are planning to migrate your version control system to an up-to-date open source tool. The currently prevailing systems are Git, which is based on a distributed architecture, and Subversion featuring a central repository.

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All Subversion trainings are held by experienced Subversion committers. If desired, we customize training contents to your organization's needs and come to your facility to train your team.

​Apache™ Subversion® Highlights Introduction into Subversion conceptions and architecture (SVN-WS1)​

Version control with Apache™ Subversion®

Introduction to practical Subversion (SVN-WS2)​
​CM Patterns with Apache™ Subversion® More effectiveness through the use of patterns for branching and merging, but also for build an test management (SVN-WS3)​
Administration of ​Apache™ Subversion® Administration and operation of Subversion installations (SVN-WS4)​
​Apache™ Subversion® Hook Skript Programming Effective and efficient development of Subversion hook scripts (SVN-WS5)​
​Migration from X to Apache™ Subversion® All about migrating to Subversion (SVN-WS6)​
​Git versus Subversion Comparison, Advantages and Disadvantages (SVN-WS7)​

Subversion Support

Subversion Support by committers of the Apache Subversion project

Elego Software Solutions GmbH actively participates in the Subversion development and deploys Subversion in own projects. Thus, with elego, you can benefit from a high level of Subversion expertise.

We offer support services for various distributions of Apache Subversion. In partnership with VisualSVN Ltd., we offer support of the product VisualSVN Server Enterprise. In cooperation with CollabNet Inc. we offer discount for support of the products CollabNet Subversion and CollabNet Subversion Edge.

For continuous support, you can choose between support levels Silver and Gold, which differ in, among other things, the included number of incident inquiries and maximum reaction times.


Subversion Support

Hours 8 x 5

Days Monday - Friday

Times (CET) 9 - 17

Languages english/german

Contacts 2

Incidents per Year 6

Telephone Support No

Acknowledgement Time

Priority #1 - Critical max. 3 h

Priority #2 - Major max. 24 h

Priority #3 - Minor max. 72 h

Priority #4 - Low max. 14 d

Annual Fee
Standard Subversion Support
4.995 €

Annual Fee
CollabNet Subversion Support
3.995 €


Subversion Support

Hours 12 x 5

Days Monday - Friday

Times (CET) 8 - 20

Languages english/german

Contacts 5

Incidents per Year 12

Telephone Support Yes

Acknowledgement Time

Priority #1 - Critical max. 2 h

Priority #2 - Major max. 16 h

Priority #3 - Minor max. 48 h

Priority #4 - Low max. 7 d

Annual Fee
Standard Subversion Support
9.995 €

Annual Fee
CollabNet Subversion Support
7.995 €

Please find detailed information regarding services and terms in the scope of the individual support programs here: elego Subversion Support Services

Apache™ Subversion® is a trademark of The Apache Software Foundation.


Articles, presentations and German translations

Professional Article "Git oder Subversion" published in Screenquide No. 18, 06/2013, titled "Git oder Subversion? - Erfahren Sie, welche Versionskontrolle die bessere für Sie ist" (Author: Neels Hofmeyr)

Subversion has replaced its predecessor CVS because it simply is better at providing centralized version control. Then, along came Git: ingenious, open and distributed. Git is increasingly present even in big software houses and has become far more than just the new kid on the block. But is Git really better than Subversion? Several basic differences between the tools indicate that Subversion will not share the fate of its predecessor.

Download Fachartikel: "Git oder Subversion"

Professional Article "Neues in Subversion 1.7" published in the entwickler magazin 05/2011, titled "Sommer - Sonne - Subversion" (Author: Neels Hofmeyr)

Version 1.6 of the popular version control tool Apache Subversion was released more than two years ago. In the meantime the requirements of professional software development have changed rapidly and the demands on capabilities and efficiency of version control tools have risen.

The Subversion developers are facing the expectations on a system which has been adopted by many commercial software developers-

Subversion is now on final preparation for release 1.7. SVN committer Neels Hofmeyr outlines the innovations and expected improvements in the article (In German)

Download German Aricle: "Neues in Subversion 1.7"

Professional Article "Neues in Subversion 1.6" published in entwickler magazin 04/2009 (Authors: Neels Hofmeyr, Stefan Sperling, Stephen Butler)

The Subversion project, which was started in the year 2000, has long ago outgrown the initial goal to be a better CVS. Subversion has since matured to a professional software configuration management tool. It is being adopted by large international organizations and is increasingly superseeding commercial systems.

Download German Article: "Neues in Subversion 1.6"

SVNDay 2012 Talk: "Moves and Renames in Apache Subversion 1.8"

Apache Subversion represents moves of files and directories as two separate events - a copy event, and a delete event. These events are always processed separately, which usually works fine, except when a move is involved in a tree conflict. Subversion 1.7 is lacking facilities to help users deal with such conflicts, which is a major usability problem. This talk shows how handling of moves has been improved for Subversion 1.8.

Download Presentation: "Moves and Renames in Apache Subversion 1.8"

SVNDay 2011 Talk: "Subversion Error Messages Demystified"

In his talk SVN committer Stefan Sperling reveals the meaning and the origin of sometimes cryptic error messages in Subversion and and shows how Subversion users and developers can work towards implementing better and clearer error messages.

Download Presentation: "Subversion Error Messages Demystified"

SubConf 2010 Talk: "Component Management for Embedded Systems via Subversion + Addons - a User Report about a Successful Migration from ClearCase UCM

The report shows how to realize a component based development process using Subversion and other Open Source tools.

Download Presentation: "Component Management for Embedded Systems via Subversion + Addons"

SubConf 2009 Talk: "Comparing Apples to Oranges: Subversion, Git, and Mercurial"

By practical examples of every-day operations, this talk outlines the innate strengths and shortcomings of each of the three tools.

Download Presentation "Comparing Apples to Oranges: Subversion, Git, and Mercurial

SubConf 2009 Talk: "Subversion Release Process"

The talk analyses how the Subversion release process relates to enterprise reality.

Download Presentation "Subversion Release Process"

Subconf 2007 Talk: "Migration from CM Synergy to SVN at UBS"

The UBS Wealth Management & Business Banking unit migrated its internal software development projects from the CM Synergy (formerly Continuus) change management system to Subversion. In this talk, we present organizational and technical aspects of the migration project. We show how existing development processes were adapted and how user acceptance for the new system was achieved. Furthermore, we discuss the technical challenges involved in the migration of a large number of CM Synergy repositories to Subversion.

Download Presentation "Migration from CM Synergy to SVN" Teil 1

Download Presentation "Migration from CM Synergy to SVN" Teil 2

White Paper "Git versus Subversion - Which Tool is Appropriate?"

From the wide range of available version control tools, two rivals are emerging noticeably: Subversion and Git. Both are free of charge, both enable large software development teams for parallel development of several development lines. They are both able to branch and merge, solve conflicts and record the development history of the source code version by version. They seem to provide the same functionality, hence the choice between Git and Subversion is often not easy.

Nevertheless, Git and Subversion are not similar at all! A close look unveils that these version control systems have completely different structures.

Download White Paper "Git versus Subversion - Which Tool is Appropriate?"