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Subversion Technical Check

Usually Subversion in operation behaves unobtrusively. It just performs. It is largely known for this and customers expect exactly this of their Subversion service.

  • What if nevertheless a problem arises?
  • What if your Subversion server fails due to a technical problem?
  • What does your emergency plan look like?
  • What if inconsistent data appears in the repository?
  • Do you detect broken revisions in your repository early enough? What does your recovery plan look like?
  • Which counter measures do you take in order to prevent malfunction an damage?

If you can't answer these questions confidently you should have your Subversion infrastructure checked. Do not hesitate to contact us.

We offer:

Repository Checks

  • Is the data consistent?
  • Are there defect reversions?

Server Installation and Configuration      

  • Can performance be improved?
  • Is access protection sufficient and correctly configured?
  • Are hook scripts correctly implemented?

Integration of Existing Infrastructure

  • Are company-wide authentication servicces used?
  • Are appropriate backup and recovery procedures implemented?

Evaluation of Existing Emergency Scenarios

  • Is the necessary availability of the servic
  • Are emergency drills performed?
  • Can recovery procedures be carried out quickly and correctly even under stress due to the emergency

You receive a documentation with our analysis results and suggested improvements.