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Agile Infrastructure Check

You intend to adopt agile methods and are ready get started with your teams?

  • Is your development infrastructure ready?
  • Can you build your application automatically based on the latest checked-in version? Are tests performed automatically?
  • Are parallel development within the team(s) and central integration working smoothly?
  • Can a system based on daily builds be deployed continuously, including configuration and test data?
  • Can you trace requirement changes in the tests?
  • Are all tests automated? Is the test coverage acceptable?

Wenn sie diese Fragen nicht mit einem klaren "Ja" beantworten können, contact us.

We help you to adapt your development infrastructure to agile requirements.

Let's work out the anwers to these questions together:

Version Control and Change Management

  • How does my version control support agile methods?
  • How do I work task-based?

Build Management and Continuous Integration

  • How do I achieve automated and central builds?
  • How do I implement traceable installation and deployment?

Test Automation

  • Which automated tests are reasonable at which process level?
  • How do I create and integrate automated tests without overhead?


  • How do I best achieve automated deployment?
  • How can I gradually eliminate manual process steps?
  • Welche Daten für ein automatisches Deployment kommen woher? 

We will provide a white papaer describing optimized processes and how to implement them.

Last but not least: This kind of infrastructure is also beneficial if you don't work according to agile methods at all ...