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CollabNet Products

CollabNet's solutions help organizations improve build and deployment processes.

The focal points agile methods and deployment of cloud infrastructures can increase you productivity.

The CollabNet product portpolio includes the following solutions:

  • TeamForge®, a web-based ALM platform particularly supporting distributed and agile development. TeamForge® integrates the components version control, document management, issue tracking, continuous build, Wiki and much more within a coherent roles and access permissions model.
  • ScrumWorks® Pro, a project management tool for agile deployment.
  • Subversion Edge, a web-based tool for administration of Subversion installations.
  • Codesion, a Cloud solution for development and deployment

As a CollabNet Solution Provider, elego offers training and support services for the European market. We create seamless implementation of agile methods on the basis of the CollabNet ALM tools and cloud technology. Contact us.