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Git vs. Subversion

Sie beabsichtigen Ihr Versionskontrollsystem auf ein aktuelles Open Source Tool zu migrieren.  Am weitesten verbreitet sind derzeit Git als verteiltes System und Subversion mit seinem zentralen Repository-Ansatz.

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of each system?
  • Are their concepts easily comprehensible and quick to learn?
  • Does the system integrate seamlessly into the existing IT infrastructure? What about authentication, authorization, backups?
  • Are IDE intregrations available for the developers?
  • How can the existing development processes be supported with a distributed VCS; won't we loose source code and change control in the long run?
  • What about performance, rebliability of the services?
  • Can existing repositories be migrated without problems? What limitations are to be expected?
  • How do I satisfy all our developers as well the IT department?

If you've faced these questions before and haven't found satisfying answers to them all, do not hesitate to contact us.

We offer:


  • What are the most important conceptual differences between these systems?
  • What should be heeded for commerical use?
  • Which social implications are to be expected?

Requirements Analysis

  • How do you best integrate your new system in your proven development process?
  • Which aspects must be heeded, and how important are they?

Usage and Acceptance

  • Who must be trained and coached to effectively use the new system?
  • Which acceptance problems are to be expected? How can they be countered?

Repository Analysis and Migration

  • What are the standard procedures for the migration of existing repositories?
  • What efforts are to bei expected for the migration of existing repositories to Subversion or Git?

We will provide detailed evaluation of our analysis and check together with suggestions for further steps to be taken.