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27. April 2012

Best of SVN Day Berlin 2012

The Lifecycle Conf took place on April 24 and 25 in Munich: a conference focussing on the comprehensive view of the lifecycle of software-based products.

In this spirit, lectures covered subprocesses within the product lifecycle, from the ascertainment and analysis of requirements to test and development. In particular, the interfaces between disciplines and their interaction were investigated, and naturally intense discussions regarding possibilities for integrating realm-specific tools to provide comprehensive support for product lifecycle management took place.

elego präsentierte mit dem Vortrag "Graphisches Entwicklungslinien- und Aufgaben-Tracking für Subversion" einen offenen modellbasierten Ansatz, der auf einer abstrakteren Ebene u.a. die Informationen aus Version Control und Change Management in Form von Entwicklungsliniendiagrammen sehr übersichtlich visualisiert. Die Folien zum Vortrag lassen sich here .

Summing up, it should be said that the very young conference with its emphasis on ALM and PLM will need to establish itself in the coming years. It's comprehensive view of lifecycle management is, as witnessed by many participants, more than worthy of pursual.