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24. October 2007

Subconf 2007 Talk: "Migration from CM Synergy to SVN at UBS"

A report on a recent source code migration project was delivered on the first conference day by Petra Gratzer (UBS) and Michael Diers.

Many conference participants came to hear about challenges encountered in replacing the commercial tool CM Synergy with the open source tool Subversion.

From the talk's abstract:

UBS is a leading Swiss bank with world-wide operations. Recently, the UBS Wealth Management & Business Banking unit migrated many internal software development projects from the CM Synergy (formerly Continuus) change management system to Subversion. More than a hundred projects with diverse development processes and life cycle models were involved.

In this talk, we present organizational and technical aspects of the migration project. We show how existing development processes were adapted and how user acceptance for the new system was achieved. Furthermore, we discuss the technical challenges involved in the migration of a large number of CM Synergy repositories to Subversion.