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Subversion Process Check

Subversion is easily and intuitively operated. Development teams performing their day-to-day work usually do it without complaints and everything seems to be all right.

  • But do you and your team use Subversion properly?
  • Can you efficiently apply complex Subversion commands?
  • Do you have any problems regarding team work with Subversion?
  • Do you handle Subversion error messages convincingly?
  • Do you have a branching/merging strategy?
  • Does your branching/merging strategy exactly match the requirements of your software development process?
  • Do you habe a branching/merging strategy?
  • Does Subversion interact smoothly with all other tools you use?

If you cant't answer these question confidently you should have your Subversion processes checked. Do not hesitate to contact us.

We offer:

Subversion Concept Assessment

  • Is the team with the tool-independent software configuration management patterns (Bercuk/Appleton)?
  • Does the team know Subversion's concepts?

Subversion Usage Assessment

  • How does the team use complex Subversion commands?
  • Are team members able to understand error messages? How and where can they get help?

Evaluation of Branching/Merging Strategy

  • Does the strategy fit well to your process?
  • Are appropriate codeline policies defined?
  • Are merges performed technically correctly?

Repository Analysis

  • Does the repository layout meet the requirments of your process?
  • Are there process-related inconsistencies? What might be the reason?

Integration Check

  • Are all tools used in your development process integrated well? Do you have a harmonious global work flow?

We will provide an evaluation of our analysis and observations together with suggestions for improvements.