ALM Workshop: Continuous Delivery

Agile Infrastructure for Agile Teams (ALM-WS3)

Approaches of continuous building and testing allow continuous integration of software releases with short feedback loops in development processes. Agile procedures also require quick customer feedback. This calls for a continuously available running and up-to-date software version.

This workshop demonstrates how to achieve a continuously automated software delivery chain.


  • Reactivate the basics of project automation
  • Meet and understand methods for software delivery from check-in to deployment.


  • Motivation and basics
    • Software development process, general problems
    • Configuration management
    • Continuous integration
    • Operational sight vs developers sight
  • Components of a deployment pipeline
    • Version Control
    • Build & Unit Tests
    • Deployment
    • Acceptance Tests
    • Release 
    • Interfaces to ext. systems
  • Delivery Stage
    • Management of infrastructure and data
    • Management of components and dependences
    • Strategies in version control  
  • Reference implementation of a deployment pipeline
    • Git + Maven
    • JUnit
    • Redmine
    • Jenkins
    • Virtualisation Vagrant, Provisioning with Puppet
    • Deployment of a data base centric server application (incl. mobile client)




1 Day

Target Audience:

Development managers, project managers, software developers, persons responsible for quality



On-site Training:
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