ALM Workshop: Project Automation on the Basis of CM

Improve effectiveness and quality through professional project automation (ALM-WS2) 

This workshop outlines and compares the advantages and disadvantages of the version control systems Git and Subversion. You want to know more about basic concepts and architecture of Subversion and/ or Git? You have specific questions regarding both tools: How do I generate a repository? How do I solve update conflicts? What are the essential differences between the concepts of the two tools? Can I use both tools together and how? The workshop will answer these questions, and more.

The distributed system Git, and Subversion with its central repository approach, are the most popular tools at present.

Subversion is a powerful tool with a multitude of functionalities. Users of other version control systems will notice many similarities, but will also need to approach some concepts differently to get the most out of Subversion.

The distributed nature of Git allows for rapid and flexible development and experimentation, notably even at times without direct access to the (corporate) mainframe. Nevertheless, centralized forms of organization are still possible with Git, without giving up the benefits of distributed version control.

After a theoretical introduction there will be practical experience with exercises for Subversion and Git.


  • Solid knowledge of architecture and functioning of Git and Subversion
  • Knowledge and effective use of the features provided by Subversion
  • working collectively and in parallel in software projects being managed with Subversion
  • insight into the functioning of the object database of Git
  • working with git on the command line
  • comparison of both concepts


  • Introduction into Git / Subversion
    • Comparison
    • Advantages, disadvantages
    • shared use (git-svn)
  • Basic concepts and achitectufe of Git / Subversion
    • Development cycle with Git / Subversion
    • Git components (command line, Git clients)
    • Subversion components (command line, TortoiseSVN, SmartSVN, ...)
  • Practice with Git
    • Repository
    • Resolving merge conflicts
    • Working in parallel
    • Tipps & Tricks
  • Practice with SVN
    • Basic tasks
    • Time travel
    • Locking files
    • Resolving update conflicts
    • Working in parallel
    • Working with modules (externals)




1 Day

Target Audience:

Subversion / Git users, administrators, cm managers, product managers, project managers, development managers, persons responsible for tools and processes



On-site Training:

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