Git Workshop: Migration from X to Git

All about migrating to Git (Git-WS2)

Learn how to import data into Git from any established CM systems. The workshop highlights the challenges of migrating from X to Git. Conceptions of the tools are compared, migration paths for the transfer from X to Git are studied, and to some extend gone through. All important issues about the migration are discussed in detail.

Many larger organizations start using the free and open source version control system Git + AddOns for reasons of efficiency, cost, or consolidation and migrate data from established commercial CM systems like ClearCase, Synergy, PVCS/ Dimensions, VSS, etc.


  • Becoming acquainted with possibilities of migration. The ability to assess migration possibilities
  • Understanding of the difference between established CM tools and Git
  • Acquisition and exchange of knowledge about planning and conducting a migration project


  • Comparing Concepts and architectures of X and Git
  • Reflection of project: steps and milestones
  • Possible ways to migrate from X to Git
  • What interrelates to migration apart from version control?
  • Embedding of Git into the technical and the development infrastructure
  • Discussion of use cases and practical experience




1 Day

Target Audience:

Development managers, configuration managers, project managers



On-site Training:

Our training services can also be delivered at your premises and tailored to your requirements.