Git Workshop: Using Subversion effectively with Git

How to use git-svn as a drop-in Subversion client (GIT-WS3)

The distributed nature of Git makes it hard to deploy in environments that require centralized version control. The git-svn command line tool allows Git to be used as a Subversion client, giving developers access to unique features of Git (such as offline commits and less network overhead), while all assets are still stored in a central Subversion repository.


  • Enough basics about Git to be able to use git-svn effectively
  • How to use advantages of git-svn while keeping changes made to the Subversion repository 100% compatible with other Subversion clients
  • What the pitfalls of git-svn are and how to avoid them



  • Introduction to Subversion, Git, and git-svn

Lab Manual with exercises

  • Repository
    • Create a Subversion Repository
    • Import into the repository
    • Check out a working copy
    • Introducing yourself to Git
    • View the git-svn documentation
  • Basic tasks
    • Edit files, review changes, and commit
    • Add, delete and rename files
    • Add, delete and rename directories
    • Rebase your work against Subversion commits
  • Branching and merging with git-svn
    • Managing local git branches
    • Mirroring Subversion branches in git
    • Creating Subversion branches with git-svn
    • Merge tracking




1 Day

Target Audience:



Basic Subversion skills

On-site Training:

Our training services can also be delivered at your premises and tailored to your requirements.