Git Workshop: Version Control with Git

Introduction to practical Git (GIT-WS1)

The free and open source version control system Git with its distributed workflows enables rapid and flexible development and experimentation. Git allows multiple and independent local branches, even without direct access to the (corporate) mainframe. Nevertheless, centralistic forms of organization are still possible with Git, without giving up the benefits of distributed version control.


  • Working with Git on command line level
  • Insight into the functionality and the object data base of Git
  • Important Git basics



  • Basic concepts and architecture of Git
  • Development cycle using Git
  • Git components (command line, Git clients)

Lab Manual with exercises

  • Introduction
    • Prerequisites
  • Repository
    • Create a Git Repository
    • Set config variables
    • Add files to the repository
    • Basic terminology
  • Basic tasks
    • Edit files, review changes and commit
    • Add, delete and rename files
    • Add, delete and rename directories
    • .gitignore
  • Working in parallel
    • Create tags and branches
    • Working with branches
    • Compare branches
    • Perform a merge
    • Perform a rebase
    • Restore a deleted file
  • Resolving merge conflicts
    • Resolve text conflicts
    • Tree conflicts (delete/delete, conflicting renames)
    • Tree conflicts (modify/delete; local delete, incoming edit)
    • Tree conflicts (modify/delete; local edit, incoming delete)
  • Working with multiple repositories
    • Bare repositories
    • Remotes and remote-tracking branches
    • A second local repository




1 Day

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