SVN Workshop: CM Patterns with Apache™ Subversion®

More effectiveness through the use of patterns particularly for branching and merging, but also for build and test management (SVN-WS3)

Professional software projects have a complex life cycle, which has to be supported by good tools and thorough planning. A good branching/merging strategy makes effective use of tools' capabilities and allows for a high level of parallelism and flexibility. Build and test management ensure high quality and modularity of the final product.


  • Knowledge of software configuration management patterns
  • Effective use of software configuration management patterns with Subversion
  • Implementation of software configuration management patterns with Subversion


  • SCM patterns language (branching and merging, build and test management)
  • Implementation of the codeline and workspace orientated software cm patterns with Subversion
  • Analysis and optimization of the actual branching/ merging strategy
  • Discussion on embedding the developed strategy into the development process




1 Day

Target Audience:

Development managers, configuration managers, project managers, persons responsible for quality


Subversion knowledge  

On-site Training

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