SVN Workshop: Apache™ Subversion® Highlights

Introduction into Subversion conceptions and architecture (SVN-WS1)

Taking a look “under the hood”, this seminar discusses the advantages of Subversion's architecture and development concepts. Participants will form an educated opinion on the capabilities of Subversion.


  • Basic understanding of architecture and functionality of Subversion
  • Overview of the scope of features of the software
  • Insights into the development history, methodology, and future of the Apache Subversion Open Source project


  • About the Subversion project
  • Subversion basic concepts
    • Repository, Revisionen
    • Diffing-/ storage-algorithms
    • Copy modify merge model
    • Installation and configuration
  • Subversion components
    • Architecture, WebDAV, autoversioning
    • Command line, Subversion clients (TortoiseSVN, SmartSVN, ...)
  • Development cycle with Subversion
    • Basic development cycle
    • Release and patch management
    • Distributed development with Subversion
  • Repository layout/ branching structures
  • Best practices workspace management
  • Use of hook scripts and properties
  • Maintenance tool kit (backup/ restore, upgrading)
  • Disaster recovery
  • Possible and meaningful complements/ interfaces (plugins, APIs, etc.)
  • Project and process management with Subversion + additional tools
    • Branching-/ merging strategies
    • Change control, planning, project/ process organization




1 Day

Target Audience:

Development managers, project managers, product managers, developers, persons responsible for quality



On-site Training:

Our training services can also be delivered at your premises and tailored to your requirements.