Benefit from DevOps opportunities

We automate your build, test and deployment processes.

In the realm of software development repeatable and automated processes are the essential foundation for quality and efficience. We use the methods of continuous integration and continuous delivery and the convergence of software development and system operation practices (DevOps).

We help you to sucessfully integrate DevOps in your business as well.

  • Data migration from legacy systems to current DevOps environments

  • Workshops and training for your employees in Git, Subversion and other tools

  • Software Configuration Management (SCM)

  • Build- and Dependency Management

  • Automated tests

  • Collection of metrics and preparation of independent evaluations and proof-of-concept surveys

  • Automated provisioning of runtime environments (Infrastructure as Code)

  • Automated deployment of the software solution into environments for testing, staging, and production

  • Management and maintenance of the software solution's life-cycle (ALM)

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