Vendor bill management

Process your incoming vendor bills automatically in Odoo.

Every company needs to process and file vendor bills in different formats and from different channels. Some arrive via traditional mail, others as e-mail with PDF attachment. Recently international standards like UBL or Factur-X are used for information exchange: these are XML schemas consisting of all necessary tags for direct data access. XML files may be sent by e-mail or embedded in a PDF, even the other way round (PDF in XML). Regardless of all these differences Odoo CE extended by serveral OCA addons can read and process all these formats. The traditional variant uses Tesseract4 for text extraction via OCR.

  • Scan vendor bills and send them to Odoo DMS
    or forward your invoicing mails

  • Process electronic invoices in UBL or Factur-X (ZUGFeRD),
    embedded in PDFs or as dedicated attachment

  • Extract texts from PDFs directly or via OCR from graphic elements

  • Analyze and match extracted invoice texts
    to dozens of predefined and self-configured templates

  • Easily edit the invoice templates via the Odoo GUI

  • Create draft invoices in Odoo after successful analysis or
    assign the original documents to existing invoice objects

  • Check and confirm invoices in multiple steps if needed

  • Permanently save all original documents in the Odoo DMS and/or
    as attachment of your Odoo invoices

For the use with Odoo CE we recommend MuK DMS unless an external DMS is integrated in your setup.
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